Friday, September 01, 2006

Suicide scene

WARNING!!! POTENTIALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL!!! The images depicted here are NOT real. Makeup and latex were used to achieve these effects.

I have two special thanks to shout out with this post. I would like to thank Beth again, she took most of these pictures. She is not too shabby a photographer especially when you consider she is using a cheap digital camera. Another very special thanks to Karen. She is the girl depicted in these scenes. Karen is an aspring actress and is looking for work. She has done plays and was even in a movie, unfortunately the movie has not been published yet due to finical problems. If you like what you see and you know you do. You can contact me with your information and I will pass it to her, promptly.

Now children, we are getting close to explicit with these. I tried to capture a suicide scene. Pay special attention to her wrist. This was a cheep packaged wound but with a little finesse I transformed it into something useable. Items like this can be made easy but we did not have much time to prep. These are the chair shots. Enjoy.

The chair pose was not working that great so I had her sit on the ground. Karen was not prepared to have anything done to her so clothing could not be gored up. There was tons of fake blood everywhere by this point so had to pick the best posture to show off the wrist and not ruin her cloths.

There were the final shots of the evening. We tired to capture some fear shots. I think these turned out the best.

I hope you enjoyed this segment. Please comment about my work in this and previous posts. I need the feedback if I am to continue to get better. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and please check back. There is more to come.

Keep Life Scary,


Anonymous Dizzy Lizzy Fo Shizzy said...

Wow...Im not that bad of a photographer after all ^__^ Tehe. Ive been dieing to see these shots n they did come out quite well under the circumstances. I was looking into a makeup school in annapolia last night. It intrigued me...Im considering going after i get my cos licence and I mean its a nice cunk of money but its worth it cuz its teaching me what I wanna do...and Ill already be certified before i even start the class. Im hopeing they can help me get a job as an intern or just as a makeup artist as well.

1:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of that was really awsome! the crime scene was my fav out of all of them

1:49 PM


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