Friday, September 01, 2006

Keep your hand inside the bus at all times

ATTENTION!!! The hand represented here is not real. I used latex and makeup to achieve the desired effect. These images are not of a real crime scene.

I have had this hand sitting in my house for over a year. I bought it last year for $0.95. I used it for a scene in my kitchen. I put the hand under a bucket and place my second printing copy of "A farewell to arms" on top of the bucket (evil dead 2 reference for those non-horror geeks). I have been waning to break down and do something with it but just never got around to it, until now.

These pictures are suppose to resemble crime scene photos. The A and B were used as evidence tags. I realize that I could remove the edge from around the hand to make it look better but for shots like this I want people to know that this stuff is not real. My goal for this hand is to experiment with making severed limbs. This is the first and I promise not the last.

This next scene takes place in my bathtub. Imagine coming home and seeing a severed hand in your bathtub. I took a lot of shots of the hand in the bathtub. Not many of them came out too well. Here at the best.

These next few pictures are pictures are of the sink.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Post your comments. And I am planning one more installment this week, so stay tuned.

Keep Life Scary,


Anonymous Ben said...

You know, somehow, the razor just seems a bit incongruous there. Anyone who can sever a hand with a razor blade deserves some serious respect.

The hand still looks too fake, though; that's partially the fault of the hand itself, but also partially because of whatever you used for the bone. It looks too clean, considering the sheer amount of blood you're working with there.

5:33 PM

Anonymous Dizzy Lizzy Fo Shizzy said...

WOW did I take some pretty sweet pictures that night. I love all the ones u posted here...u gotta email me all the ones we got.

9:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comment about the hand, from a zero-budget idie filmmaker...

The curvature of the first segment of the fingers really makes it not believable. Is there a means that you could use to firm it up (I'm thinking disposable kabob sticks (the wood ones) inserted through the base of the fingers, and trimmed before pushing it in the rest of the way. This would make the first segements of the fingers more believable, and not have that unnatural bend.

For reference as to who I am, I am Christopher Hutchinson, the brains behind The Baltimore Zombie Trilogy

On Myspace:

On the web:

My film goes into shooting within a month, and I'm always looking for additional makeup talent. If interested, contact me through one of the above websites.

10:31 PM


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