Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Game Over, man. Game Over.

Hello reader,

This post will not feature any new pictures, sorry. This is where I ask you to pass my blog along to anyone you think might like it. I have been invited to do some work on a zombie movie based here in Baltimore. I am asking if you or anyone you know is filming a movie in or near Baltimore and need an FX guy, please let me know or give them my email. My email is ward.matthew@gmail.com

Now, I could not have a site for too long and not discuss my business, Game Over. Game Over is an internet and gaming center based in Essex, MD. An internet and gaming center is a place where you can come to rent time on our computers and use that time to play games, surf the internet, or just about anything else you would want to do on a computer. We will specialize in LAN, WAN and console gaming.

Have you ever wanted to play a multiplayer game on PC before? Why lug around a bunch of computers, setup hubs or routers, fiddle with network connection, and move furniture? We take the hassle away for all of this. We have top of the line computers that will support the latest games. All you have to do is sit down and play.

We will also be getting the next gen consoles (360, PS3, and Wii). With the price of the consoles and games going through the roof it is no wonder people can't get their hands them. At Game Over you can come in and for a small hourly fee you can play any game at much less then retail price. Have you ever bought a game and found out it was junk, I have. When you try to take it back they will only give you trade-in on it at half of what you paid. Game Over will keep on top of most games and we will have it ready for you to play. Try before you buy.

Our knowledgeable staff. With 25 years of combined experience in video and computer gaming. Ben and I have an eye for and an encyclopedia like knowledge of computer and console games.

We are hoping to open our doors in mid October. We have been working all summer to get this place open so please stop in or drop us a line. If you mention this blog when you first sign up you can get an extra free hour of play. If you any questions please contact the email above. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Keep LIfe Scary,

Friday, September 01, 2006

Suicide scene

WARNING!!! POTENTIALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL!!! The images depicted here are NOT real. Makeup and latex were used to achieve these effects.

I have two special thanks to shout out with this post. I would like to thank Beth again, she took most of these pictures. She is not too shabby a photographer especially when you consider she is using a cheap digital camera. Another very special thanks to Karen. She is the girl depicted in these scenes. Karen is an aspring actress and is looking for work. She has done plays and was even in a movie, unfortunately the movie has not been published yet due to finical problems. If you like what you see and you know you do. You can contact me with your information and I will pass it to her, promptly.

Now children, we are getting close to explicit with these. I tried to capture a suicide scene. Pay special attention to her wrist. This was a cheep packaged wound but with a little finesse I transformed it into something useable. Items like this can be made easy but we did not have much time to prep. These are the chair shots. Enjoy.

The chair pose was not working that great so I had her sit on the ground. Karen was not prepared to have anything done to her so clothing could not be gored up. There was tons of fake blood everywhere by this point so had to pick the best posture to show off the wrist and not ruin her cloths.

There were the final shots of the evening. We tired to capture some fear shots. I think these turned out the best.

I hope you enjoyed this segment. Please comment about my work in this and previous posts. I need the feedback if I am to continue to get better. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and please check back. There is more to come.

Keep Life Scary,

Keep your hand inside the bus at all times

ATTENTION!!! The hand represented here is not real. I used latex and makeup to achieve the desired effect. These images are not of a real crime scene.

I have had this hand sitting in my house for over a year. I bought it last year for $0.95. I used it for a scene in my kitchen. I put the hand under a bucket and place my second printing copy of "A farewell to arms" on top of the bucket (evil dead 2 reference for those non-horror geeks). I have been waning to break down and do something with it but just never got around to it, until now.

These pictures are suppose to resemble crime scene photos. The A and B were used as evidence tags. I realize that I could remove the edge from around the hand to make it look better but for shots like this I want people to know that this stuff is not real. My goal for this hand is to experiment with making severed limbs. This is the first and I promise not the last.

This next scene takes place in my bathtub. Imagine coming home and seeing a severed hand in your bathtub. I took a lot of shots of the hand in the bathtub. Not many of them came out too well. Here at the best.

These next few pictures are pictures are of the sink.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. Post your comments. And I am planning one more installment this week, so stay tuned.

Keep Life Scary,