Monday, August 28, 2006

Zombie Photo-shoot pictures. (My FX Work)

WARNING!!! POTENTIALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT. None of these images are real, they use makeup and other visual illusions to achieve the desired effect.

As promised I present to you my FX work. I am only including images of people I did the work on. I do have pictures of other people at the zombie photo-shoot and I will post them if there is a demand.

And for my first pictures...This is Theresa class. Everyone give Theresa a moaning welcome. This is her first time as a Zombie and her posture is a bit awkward. I think in time she will get it right.

Everyone this is Shaun. He is the reason I did this. It was his friend who was having the photo-shoot. Thanks man. Shaun also help with the makeup. I did not get many good shot of his wounds because we were running late. He had a laceration on his right side jaw and on his wrist. Both turned out really well but by the time I had a chance to shoot them they were coming off. The store bought fake blood turned out alright and the color was pretty consistent with real blood.

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Keep life scary,


Anonymous Dizzy Lizzy Fo Shizzy said...

Hey Bro. Thae makeup is pretty sweet...especially for a first timer. Im going to be looking for a Esthetic school round our way once I get my Cosmetology licence..hopefully they can teach me some theatre make up and I can pass some ideas off to you. Make me a zombie ^___^

2:08 PM

Blogger Miss.Komatose said...

This Stuff Is Crazyy I Absolutely Lovvvve IT <3

3:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg ... i how crazy they looked the make up liked better when the blood was wet btw ... could you send me some of the attack pictures??? my email is


12:18 AM


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