Thursday, August 31, 2006

Post Fight Attempt

BIG BROTHER MANTRA: Little sisters are never to old too beat on.

A special thanks to my sister Elizabeth for being my makeup uke. This is my attempt at post brawl pictures. It's not my best work but I tried. The cameras flash captured some problems I did not see because it was a tad to dark outside. Please post what you like and dislike in the comments section. I love to get feedback.

This is the first and probably best shot I took of her eye all night. It gave me the desired swollen bruise effect I was looking to achieve. I didn't use anything but makeup and some creative camera angles. Not quite sure how "I" made this happen but I like it.

Remember: click the image to expand the picture.

This next picture I tried to capture an angry but upset post-fight picture. Your fight was broken up to quickly, just when you were about to gain the upper hand and turn the tides of battle.

This is the last serious shot we took. This is the moment after a fight when the adrenaline runs down and you realize you lost. Sorrow and introverted anger washes over you in a moment of pure melancholy.

The flash given by the makeup makes me upset. It detracts for the overall feel and screams "makeup!" Oh well.

Finally this last picture is a playful shot Beth took of herself. I like it so I will include it, despite being contrary to the overall feel of the post.

I am hoping over the next few days to post more of the pictures I took last night. So stay tuned it only gets scarier from here.

Keep Life Scary,


Anonymous Dizzy Lizzy Fo Shizzy said...

hahaha Anytime brotha. Twas great fun. Cant wait to do it again1

2:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you just punched her matt ... just kidding! if ya want I'm sure shaun and i have nothing to do on saturday. if you didn't I'm sure he would love to come over and get nade up again.

1:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh btw it does look very good but maybe add a tiny more yellow

1:07 AM

Anonymous Dizzy Lizzy Fo Shizzy said...

I HAD JERI GOING ALL MORNING BELIEVEING BRIAN BEAT ME IN THESE PICTURES! To the point her bf was gonna go down n fight brian after work and Jeri came over here to see it. LMAO

12:59 PM


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