Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Can't Handle This Anymore

WARNING!!! POSSIBLY EXPLICIT CONTENT!!!! The images contained here within are NOT real. They are special effects makeup and fake blood made to look real. I assure you that no one was hurt in the making of these photos.

Another special thanks to my sister Elizabeth for taking the pictures here. These next shots were me playing around with blood. I am trying to capture something deeper in these pictures. I am trying to capture an emotion of sadness. The character of these images was hurting and did not know how to express and the only way they could think or would be herd is using their own blood. There are no shock values here, just emotions.

These first two shots are to show you the bloody mess of my shower. We were trying to capture a mock crime scene feel.

These next pictures get a little stronger. The "HELP" written on the wall is designed to make you think and reflect. Remember a time of sorrow and how you just wanted to be herd, and you would have done anything to do it. This is my symbol of that.

My goal is to capture true horror in any form. I hate horror that only use one aspect. Horror must be achieved on many levels. Shocking someone does not make it scary. It is about bringing reality to the next creepy level. Seeing "help" written in blood on a wall may not be scary for most in just a picture context but imagine the fear, willpower, and sadness it would take you to write "help" on a wall using your own blood, that is scary. Horror is about moving you out of your world and into a darker place where the images might just be real. It is not what you see it is what you don't see that makes horror scary.

Keep Life Scary,


Anonymous Ben said...

Good thought, but what was used to write the word up there? Also, it seems awfully even. Someone writing in their own blood after at least having had a hand chopped off, apparently, would probably be writing pretty shakily.

5:37 PM


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